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The Signature Says It All

  Some of the best handwritten fonts are based on the author signatures of famous people. Here is a list of famous artists’ signatures that have turned into trademarks. Some of them have become the basis of famous scripts such (…)


The Artists

  The Artists is a short film about two rival painters who fail to see the bigger picture. Director: Sean Mullen via  Giant Creative


6 Art Inspired Album Covers

It’s a well known fact that there’s nothing new in the art world, only interpretations of old traditions. In this article we have gathered a small  list of album covers that exploit well-known works of art with a bit of (…)


Jazz Festival Logos, vol.1

When it comes to the music industry at first glance it seems that logos are a bit underestimated. However, some of the most colorful, vivid and original logos are in the sphere of music, jazz in particular.  This selection is a quick (…)