6 Art Inspired Album Covers

It’s a well known fact that there’s nothing new in the art world, only interpretations of old traditions. In this article we have gathered a small  list of album covers that exploit well-known works of art with a bit of (…)


What Happened To 2D

  A quite refreshing 2D animated clip by Ates Benice. Enjoy!


Scrabble for Typography Lovers

Typography lovers, welcome the new edition of scrabble! Choose a font from a list, get the assorted fonts version or simply order your favourite font and you’ll get a custom scrabble set to enjoy.         via Andrew Capener

Product Design/Typography

Jazz Festival Logos, vol.1

When it comes to the music industry at first glance it seems that logos are a bit underestimated. However, some of the most colorful, vivid and original logos are in the sphere of music, jazz in particular.  This selection is a quick (…)


Creative TV Ad wins the Ads of the World award for January

One of the best advertising clips lately. It has been awarded winner for January in the Ads of the World awards. Enjoy!