6 Art Inspired Album Covers

It’s a well known fact that there’s nothing new in the art world, only interpretations of old traditions. In this article we have gathered a small  list of album covers that exploit well-known works of art with a bit of twist.

The head image of the post features Madonna’s 2009 Celebration album cover executed in pop art style from the 60s.  Below is the original artwork that served as an inspiration:  the Marilyn’s prints by Andy Warhol.




Muse’s 2003 album cover of “Absolution”  with a hint towards surrealism and Magritte’s “Golconde”




Birth Control’s 1975 cover for the Plastic People album gives tribute to famous painting “Son of Man” by Magritte




Coldplay’s “Vivalavida” album cover using the “Liberty Leading the people” by Delacroix




Killers’ Day&Age album cover was inspired by the Pointilism trend in Art /here: a painting called The Seine and la Grande Jatte – Springtime  by Georges Seurat/




Beck’s 1969 “Ola” album using a version of the famous Magritte apple ” The Listening Room”



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